About Us

Malwanchal University situated in Indore, currently has institutes of Medical Sciences, Dental Sciences, Pharmacy, Nursing and Paramedical Sciences including Physiotherapy.

What we stand for…
  • Quality education and training is promoted in all the courses as per the Statutory Council Bodies regulations and norms.
  • There are established and functional hospitals for the concerned courses within the campus.
  • Job security for the employees.
  • Quality of academics creates avenues for job opportunities after the completion of the academic course in the parent hospitals, colleges and outside.
  • After completion of the course, the students may establish their own clinical practice, laboratories and / or related sets ups as applicable for the concerned professional field in the urban and/or rural areas.
  • Quantity and quality based training with preclinical, clinical and paraclinical exposure to students enhances their confidence.
  • Systematic working of constituent units and University ensures good working conditions and helps students and staff in their academic performance.
  • Transport facilities available.
Primary aim:

To impart world class knowledge, training and professional experience to students, working executives and professionals interested in making a career in Health (Medical) / Technical Sciences, Vocational, Short term Professional Courses and their Allied Domains.


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