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Consultancy Policy of Malwanchal University

Consultancy is an important and effective way for the University to share its knowledge and expertise with government, industry and the public sector.

In Malwanchal University, it is our declared policy that the staff, researchers and postgraduate students are allowed to be consultants to provide their expertise and know-how, offer expert witness advice and serve on scientific advisory boards. The Consultancy Services team will handle the negotiations, contracts, arrangements for use of University facilities, invoicing, debt collection, income distribution and all the other administrative tasks.

Modalities of the Policy:

The services provided by the Consultancy Services team will include the negotiation of contract terms and conditions as supported by the University authorities and Chief Finance and Accounts Officer. A Consultancy Services management fee will be included in the price of the consultant contract and is paid by the client company.

We are sure that our consultancy policy will benefit our university as well as other public and social agencies including the industry to whom we provide our services.

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