Message from Chairman, Mayank Welfare Society

It is my pleasure to welcome you all to Malwanchal University, Indore, a strong effort from Mayank Welfare Society towards educational growth of Central India and around.

Our existing endeavours have been well appreciated in the medical and paramedical fields in this region and we believe in positive minded progress.

Our institutions have brought to existence a number of physicians, surgeons, scientists and teachers, who are already serving in the different parts of the country and internationally providing professional services to ailing humanity without any discrimination.

Our motive is to play a pivotal role in establishing Medical, Dental, Nursing, Paramedical Institutions and allied branches and promoting education as well as refining the health care delivery system. Concerted efforts are a foot to enhance educational disciplines to higher levels in various disciplines.

With best wishes,
Suresh Singh Bhadoria,
Mayank Welfare Society, Indore.


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