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Evaluation-Related Grievance Redressal Mechanism

Malwanchal University has an organized mechanism for redressal of exam related grievances both at the institution level and also at the university level.

Grievances related to Internal Assessments

The institutes conduct a minimum of three internal assessments to evaluate continuous progress of the students throughout their academic year. After the conduction of the internal assessments the answer scripts are shown to the students, if any student has grievance related either to discrepancy in totaling or if the students feels the marks are not just, he/she contacts the respective faculty member who had evaluated the answer script. The problem is either solved by the faculty or if in doubt, the faculty reports the matter to the Head of the department for better and optimal clarification. The marks are then displayed.

Grievances related to University Examinations

After the declaration of the results of the university examinations, if any student feels the marks obtained are not as per his/her expectation, they can apply for revaluation process.

The Studentscan apply for revaluation through online. The students can apply for apply for revaluation in not more than 2 subjects by paying a prescribed fees within 15 days of declaration of the university results. The applications are then forwarded by the dean through proper channel.

Once the revaluation forms are received at the office of the controller of examinations, the process of revaluation is initiated. The answers scripts are folded coded and are revaluated by 2 external examiners (other than the examiners who had previously evaluated them). The average of marks given by the examiners is taken into consideration. The results are then prepared and dispatched to the respective institutes for display. Throughout the entire process, a complete transparency is followed to ensure a fair evaluation and the process is time bound.

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