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About Us

Core Values of Malwanchal University

Keeping in view our Malwanchal University’s vision, we commit ourselves to the following core values:

  • Being respectful by embracing diversity and treating others collegially with openness, professionalism and courteously in all interactions and activities.
  • Being accountable by ensuring academic, professional, fiscal integrity and value through prudent management of resources provided.
  • Maintaining one’s integrity by being honest, fair and ethical thereby creating a culture of trust during all University activities and decision making.
  • Encouraging, considering and supporting new ideas and supporting innovation by fostering individual ingenuity and creativity to in turn create an environment with opportunities for growth and progress.
  • A sense of inclusion through cultivating an inclusive living, learning and working community thereby facilitating progress and success of all those involved and thus supporting all individuals.
  • Exhibiting excellence through serving the scholarly community by delivering high quality teaching, service and extended educational as well as extracurricular programmes.
  • Collaborating to work towards common goals with others in the University and the community while valuing teamwork, participation and diversity of ideas and perspectives.
  • To contribute towards nurturing leadership qualities amongst the students and staff who eventually will become well educated leaders and global citizens thus excelling in addressing the challenges of the future.
  • Cultivating critical thinking, creativity and joy in lifelong learning to be able to serve the state, the nation and the world through research, teaching and outreach.

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