The various constituent institutions of Malwanchal University in general and the Medical Unit in particular are engaged in active research work. The research work which is being done is constantly monitored by a Scientific Review Committee.

Post graduates in the Medical stream are pursuing research projects related to their individual fields. These projects are submitted to aforementioned committee for modification / approval. The committee meets 3-4 times in a year for review of on-going projects and for their approval. Approved projects are submitted to the Ethical committee.

There is a vibrant environment for encouraging research with proactive involvement of the research scholars as well as the faculty. There in a well equipped Central Research Laboratory, Central Laboratory and Laboratories in different depts. All these have state of the art equipment (like fully automated Electrophoresis spectrophotometer, PCK, IMC set up, cryostat, etc) for facilitating and nurturing research as well as cultivating orientation towards research for the scholars.

Since the institutions involved in patient care, clinical research work is also being pursued. About 678 research papers have been published in journals of studies in last three years.

Coordinator, Research: Mrs. Deepshikha Vinayak

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