Students' Satisfaction Survey

To participate in the online survey, please click on the following weblink: d/e/1FAIpQLSch3LaNurotCa ekWjD0p0haupR2Pobgx_NNIJ7kf DXynwglqw/viewform

Malwanchal University gives immense importance to the satisfaction of every student with total environment of the campus. For this, the University conducts survey to get a feedback from the students about their satisfaction level with the teaching as well as other associated areas of learning and their campus life.

For students:
The survey form provided in the web link below contains survey related questions and response options in English and Hindi languages for your convenience.

This form is for knowing your response on various issues of the University. We expect you to provide your honest views and feelings on these issues. Your genuine feedback will be very useful for the University for all round improvement.

These surveys will be conducted from time to time.

To participate in this survey and to fill this survey form, please login with your Gmail id to ensure that every participant fills this survey form only once in order to maintain the authenticity of the survey.

We assure you that your identity will remain anonymous because even the University officials cannot view your identity through this survey form and your identity has not been asked anywhere throughout the survey form.