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Webinar "Quit Tobacco" on 'World No Tobacco Day'

31st May, 2021

A webinar entitled ‘Quit Tobacco’ on “World No Tobacco Day” 31st May 2021. Thisawareness basedwebinar was planned keeping in mind that approximately 20% population of the world and about 27% Indian population suffers addiction to tobacco. According to surveys, tobacco consumption leads one death every 40 seconds.

This webinar was attended by large numbers teachers, students, researchers and others

Dr. Jagdish Kaur
Regional Advisor, WHORegional Office South East Asia, New Delhi,
She appreciated this initiative and said that the problem of tobacco addiction among people appears to be reducing yet needs active participation of stakeholders and the public for further reduction of the problem.

Shri Suresh Singh Bhadoria
Index Medical College, Hospital and Research Center,
Malwanchal University, Indore,
He conveyed that comprehensive tobacco and drug abuse awareness as well as treatment programsare being implemented by various institutions in the Malwa region.

Dr. Ram Ghulam Razdan
Malwanchal University, Indore
He highlighted that tobacco addiction is a form of brain disorder. The addicted patients can quit tobacco with psychiatric supportand through treatment by qualified doctors.

Dr. Dilip Acharya
Surgeon and
Chairman, Tobacco Control Indian Medical Association
He spoke about the complications of tobacco addiction and mentioned that most cancers of the mouth, lungs, liver, stomach, pancreas and other organs is caused by tobacco consumption. He also stated that tobacco addiction triggers hypertension, diabetes mellites, peptic ulcer and other diseases.

Dr. B.M. Shrivastava
Member, Dental Council of India
He gave an insight into the preventive aspects related to tobacco addiction and highlighted how various agencies can assist in this endeavour. He also explained the role of dental professionals in the treatments related to treating and rectifying the harm done by tobacco.

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Quit Tobacco pledge on World No Tobacco Day

31st May, 2021

Staff and Faculty of Index Group of Institutions under Malwanchal University motivated the volunteers and patients of Radha Swami Ashram, Indore to take the Quit Tobacco pledge on the World No Tobacco Day.

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Diwali Puja

14th November, 2020

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