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Ganesh Chaturthi Celebrations

10th September, 2021

On the auspicious occasion of Vinayak Chaturthi, the staff members and the students of Index Institute of Dental Sciences organized prayers and memorable celebrations in the presence of Dr.SatishKarandikar (Dean), Dr.Rolly Agrawal (Vice-Dean), Dr.Deepti Singh Hada (Assistant Dean), Heads of Departments, teaching faculty, non-teaching staff and students. The celebrations were coordinated by Dr.PoonamTomar Rana(Cultural Incharge).

Madhya Pradesh’s First One Day Joint Conference of Pulmonologists and Radiologists organised by Index Medical College, Hospital and Research Center, Malwanchal University

05th September, 2021

Eminent radiology experts of Madhya Pradesh delivered lectures in the conference with regard to chest diseases and disorders.

The conference was organised under the aegis of Department of Pulmonary Medicine and Sleep Disorders, Index Medical College, Hospital and Research Center, Indore.Eminent radiologists from the state delivered lectures. It may be noted that 6 out of 10 diseases which are among the highest causes of death in the world are related to chest. Also in COVID period, chest diseases had an adverse impact on the society. Along with 18 cases in the conference, experts from both the branches discussed chest related diseases. The program was inaugurated by the Dean of Index Medical College, Dr.G.S. Patel, Medical Director of Index Medical College, Dr.S.M. Holkar, Dr.DilipBalani,President of Indore Chest Society, Dr.O.P. Tiwari,Patron of Indore Radiology Imaging Association.

Dr.G.S. Patel gave the Inaugural Speech.

Dr. Kumar Girendra

Dr.Abhijeet Khandelwal

Dr.Suneel Mukati and Dr Sudarshan Gupta


  • Dr.Vishal Malviya
  • Dr.Shiv Kumar Pandey
  • Dr.Nasir Khan
  • Dr.Gyan Prakash Verma
  • Dr.Manjul Kumar Bajpayee
  • Dr.Sunil Manohar Singh
  • Dr.Srishti Gour

Shri Suresh Singh Bhadoria, Chairman, Index Group of Institutions said,this was the first such conference, where eminent doctors of both Pulmonary and Radiology participated in the panel discussion on chest X-Ray and CT scan together. The purpose of this conference was to help doctors and post-graduate students to interact and enhance their awareness and skills about both the fieldsso that they may provide better treatment to the patients.

The conference proved to be beneficial for doctors as well as medical students. It was broadcasted also in online platforms via video conferencing also whichbenefitted the doctors nationwide and invarious nations in Europe and also USA, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Sri Lanka.There were more than 500 total registrations.

Dr.S. Shivram(Vice-Chairman of Indian College of Radiology and Imaging,Senior Consultant Radiologist)

  • Dr.Amlendu Nagar (Professor, Index Medical College)
  • Dr.Alok K.Udia(CHL Hospital, Indore)
  • Dr.Rajesh Kumar Gupta (Senior Interventional Radiologist, Indore)
  • Dr.Gurdeep S. Chhabra (Arihant Hospital)
  • Dr.AbhijeetTaori (Radiologist, Indore)
  • Dr.Gaurav Bhandari (MGM Medical College)

Many doctors from the country as well as abroad were involved in the conference. The registration in this conference was free for all who attended.

Theinauguration ceremony was anchored by Mrs.ChitraKhirwadkar,Deputy Director, IndexGroup.

Dr.Abhijeet Khandelwal gave the vote of thanks.

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Independence Day – Nayandeep (Freedom from Cataract Blindness) Project Inaugurated

15th August, 2021

The 75th Indian Independence Day was celebrated with immense enthusiasm. This day has special importance and a sense of pride among all Indians. The hoisting of the Tricolour Indian National Flag was done in the presence of students and staff of Index Group of Institutions, Malwanchal University.

On the auspicious occasion of Independence Day, “Nayandeep project”aimed at meaning 'Freedom from Cataract Blindness' was inauguratedin Index Medical College, Hospital and Research Center. On this occasion, Dr. Vandana Telgote (Professor & Head, Department of Ophthalmology) welcomed all the guests and Dr. Sudhir Mahashabde (Director, Dept of Ophthalmology) explained in detail about the project 'Nayandeep”.

Cataract is a disease that may affect almost anyone with advancing age. If this disease is not treated timely, it may lead to blindness.

The following dignitaries graced the inaugural ceremony of “Nayandeep” Project:

  • Shri Suresh Singh Bhadoria (Chairman, Index Group of Institutions)
  • Shri Mayank raj Singh Bhadoria (Vice-Chairman, Index Group of Institutions)
  • Dr G S Patel (Dean,Index Medical College, Hospital & Research Center)
  • Dr Vandana Telgote (Professor & Head, Dept of Ophthalmology)
  • Dr Sudhir Mahashabde (Director, Dept of Ophthalmology)
  • Dr K K Saxena (Ex-Medical Superintendent, Index Hospital)
  • Dr B K Agarwal (PG Director, Index Medical College)
  • Dr Satish Karandikar (Dean, Index Institute of Dental Sciences)
  • Dr Reshma Khurana (Principal, Department of Physiotherapy and Paramedical Sciences)
  • Dr Javed Khan Pathan (Principal, Department of Pharmacy)
  • Dr Sonali Mittal (Ophthalmologist)
  • Dr Supriya Mushriff (Associate Professor, Dept of Ophthalmology)
  • Dr Swati Saxena (Ophthalmologist)

Dr Sudhir Mahashabde explained that cataract treatment is possible, but even today, due to lack of awareness and lack of good health facilities in rural areas, many people are unable to get timely treatment. It may have serious consequences and may affect the patient’s eyesight.
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