Chairman's Message

Plato (428 BC - 348 BC)said -"The direction in which education starts a man will determine his future life."

Dear Students,

Welcome to INDEX Family and welcome to the road to success and a very rewarding career. A career, that will prepare you for roles that will guide the progression of medicare and offer an opportunity to serve the ailing mankind.

The course will emphasize on academic, clinical and applied learning as well; and is designed to engage, inspire and challenge the aspiring students to enrich themselves personally and professionally.

Physiotherapy practice encompasses provision of preventive, curative and rehabilitative aspects of care to individuals in a variety of health care settings. The four & half year under – graduate course will prepare the graduates to become exemplary citizens, who will adhere to the code of ethics and professional conduct, while fulfilling their personal, social and professional obligations.

I hope you shall make your stay in the institute worthwhile and cultivate proficiencies, expertise and knowledge. I wish you good luck and a rewarding career.

Shri.Suresh Singh Bhadoria
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